eyesontheedge - 1,000 sq ft, mixed media installation (solo exhibition), at Sue Scott Gallery(New York, 2012)


A mixed media installation with paintings, sculptures, photographs, and a sound piece in an all-encompassing environment. The artworks were contextualized through the presentation of the more peripheral information that surrounds an artist (thoughts, sounds, books, images and memory). The 2,400 photographic images in the exhibition were categorized as: 1. process, 2. past art, 3. current art season, 4. art / identity politics, 5. institutional critique, 6. biography pre-NYC, 7. biography NYC, 8. Nevada landscape, 9. found landscape, 10. Richter/Warburg Atlas. The photographs were standardized to a 3.5 inch square format polaroid print (the format at my birth year 1967). The performative/text sound piece 1967 consisted of 350 thoughts from my readings during the year prior to the 2012 exhibition. The books ranged from Justin Spring’s biography of Samuel Steward, “Secret Historian,” and Gertrude Stein’s “Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas” to Jack Flam’s “Matisse on Art” and October Files’ “Robert Rauschenberg.” The text extractions were performed by five voices on a random shuffle, and 1967, operating in the slippery non-linearity of memory, like the format of the polaroid, transported the viewer to my birth year.

Link to 1967 (4 minute extract from 4 hour sound piece), from eyesontheedge, Franklin Evans, 2012

Link to 1967 Bibliography - Text: Alexander Alberro, Rudolf Arnheim, David Batchelor, Benjamin H. D. Buchloh, Annie Cohen-Solal, David Evans, Bruno Fazzolari, Jack D. Flam, Joe Fyfe, Branden W. Joseph, Rosalind Krauss, Paul Krugman, Heiner Muller, Chris Murray, Brian O’Doherty, Roberta Smith, Justin Spring, Gertrude Stein. Performers/Readers: Marco Formosa, Adrienne Moore, Julia Taylor Ross, J. B. Rote, Paul David Young.

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