proust, time and ten works on paper, DUMBO ARTS: Platform Projects, May - June, 2020, Brooklyn, NY (online exhibition)

paperspace, Platform Projects, April - May, 2020, Brooklyn, NY (postponed)

Walk the Line, Platform Projects, March - April, 2020, Brooklyn, NY (postponed)



HyperGames, FL Gallery, January 22 - March 31, 2020, Milan, Italy

Franklin Evans: facesfractalsandfeeds, UNTITLED SF: FL Gallery, January 16 - 19, 2020, San Francisco, CA (solo exhibition)

selfportraitas, FL Gallery, November 22 - January 17, 2019, Milan, Italy (solo exhibitions)

NYFA Panalist, Painting 2018

Pollock-Krasner Fellow, 2017-2018

Manet to Maya Lin, Nevada Museum of Art, June 9 - September 2, 2018, Reno, NV (curated by JoAnne Northrup)

Drawing Now 2018 Interview Franklin Evans by Farrah Bencheikh. Souvenirs from Earth, March 23. 

Artissima, FL Gallery, November 1 - 4, 2018, Turin, Italy

Franklin Evans: drawingintheround, Drawing Now Paris: FL Gallery, March 22 - March 25, 2018, Paris, France

Legacy: Highlights from the Permanent Collection, Roanoke College, Olin Gallery, October 27 - December 3, 2017, Salem, VA

paintingpainting, Ameringer McEnery Yohe, September 7 - October 7, 2017, New York, NY

The James Kalm Report.  Marc Horowitz at JOHANNES VOGT and Franklin Evans at AMERINGER McENERY YOHE, September 2017

Explain Me - Paddy Johnson and William Powhida Dialogue.  The Broken Toilet, October 2017

Sound and Vision - Episode 60: Franklin Evans Conversations with Artists and Musicians, April 2017

La lama di Procopio, Nuovo Spazio di Casso, August 5 - October 1, 2017, Casso, Italy

American Realness: XLtime, Abrons Arts Center, January 5-22, 2017, New York, NY

Kennedy Artist-In-Residence, University of South Florida, 2016, Tampa, FL

Lecture Series: Jennifer Samet in Conversation with Jackie Gendel and Franklin Evans, New York Studio School, March 1, 2017, New York, NY

Fountainhead Residency, February 2017, Miami, FL

MacDowell Fellow, 2016

Dynamic Pictorial Models 101/Exhibit, March 12 - May 17, 2016, Los Angeles, CA

Published by 101/Exhibit - Dynamic Pictorial Models / New Models, Strange Tools catalogue, Text by Raphael Rubinstein, 2016.

Published by Montserrat College of Art - juddrules catalogue, Text by Leonie Bradbury, Robert Moeller, Patrick Neal, 2015.

NYFA Fellowship Painting, 2015

spreadsheetspace, Prosjektrom Normanns, September 25 - October 9, 2015, Stavanger, Norway (solo)

headandhandinhand, FL Gallery, April 22 - September 25, 2015, Milan, Italy (solo)

ICASTICA 2015: Cultivating Culture, June 28 - September 27, 2015, Arezzo, Italy




The James Kalm Report.  Franklin Evans "paintingassupermodel" at AMERINGER McENERY YOHE, 2014

Pencil in the Studio, Maria Calandra Visit with Franklin Evans, March 2014

SVA Lecture  Franklin Evans - Painter, Sculptor, and Installation Artist, 2013

Artteca Interview,  2015

The Front Row Interview.  Franklin Evans: houstontohouston, 2012

MoMA PS1 video Greater New York 2010 Franklin Evans: Paint and Process

Balcony Scene 2010, collaboration with Paul David Young, MoMA PS1

Lush Life, curatorial collaboration with Omar Lopez-Chahoud, 2010 (Richard Price's eponymously titled novel)

Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (S), Trajal Harrell, collaboration on Visual Art, Performed at The Kitchen, New Museum, ICA Boston, 2009 - 2012

c/s/ss: ayearofmagicalthinking - Franklin Evans, 2009, Artspace

Perverted by Theater, curatorial collaboration with Paul David Young, 2008, Apexart

Sculpture Center: Franklin Evans, tumblr Archive, September 2012

Franklin Evans: Studio Visit, Gorky's Granddaugher, August 2012

Eight Artists to Discover, Artspace

summarysummary summary, SUMMARY, 2015.