Galerie Eva Presenhuber - John Dilg: Leaving The New World, Franklin Evans, 2023.

MARCH 20 Art World Goes Silent, Jerry Saltz, March 20, 2020.

New York Times Critics Pic: Jasper Johns Stays Divinely Busy, Roberta Smith, 2019.

The Force of the Impersonal Brush, Reflections on Frank Stella's Early Work, Isabelle Graw, 2018.

Painting as a Cover Story: A Conversation with Merlin Carpenter, Isabelle Graw, 2018.

New Yorker: The Gender Fluidity of Krazy Kat, Gabrielle Bellot, 2017.

New York Painting Recent Revolution, Laura Hoptman, 2016.

The Sextlife of Painting, John Kelsey, 2016.

The Work of Art in the Age of Google and An Online Art Collection Grows Out of Infancy, Roberta Smith, 2011 and 2012.

A Hidden Reserve: Painting from 1958 - 1965, Achim Hochdorfer, 2009.

Painting Beside Itself, David Joselit, 2009.

In Defense of the Poor Image, Hito Steyerl, 2009.

Painting with Ambivalence, Helen Molesworth, 2007.

Black Whole: The Art of Barry Le Va, Carroll Dunham, 2005.

Abstraction, John Rajchman, 1998.

The Field of Cultural Production, Pierre Bourdieu, 1993.

Painting The Task of Mourning, Yve Alain-Bois, 1986.

Working Space: 1 - Caravaggio, Frank Stella, 1983-1984.

Working Space: 2 - The Madonna of the Rosary, Frank Stella, 1983-1984.

Working Space: 3 - Annibale Carraci, Frank Stella, 1983-1984.

Working Space: 4 - Picasso, Frank Stella, 1983-1984.

Working Space: 5 - A Common Complaint, Frank Stella, 1983-1984.

Working Space: 6 - The Dutch Savannah, Frank Stella, 1983-1984.

The Function of the Studio, Daniel Buren, 1971.

Other Criteria: Flatbed Picture Plane, Leo Steinberg, 1968.

Chronolgy, Ad Reinhardt, 1966.

Notes of a Painter, Henri Matisse, 1908.



Podcasts and Videos

PODCAST - Lee Krasner - Deal With It, Helen Molesworth (40 minutes), 2019.

VIDEO - Expressionist Painting: Julian Schnabel, Lee Krasner, Malcolm Morley, Paul Tschinkel, 1982.

VIDEO - Inside New York's Art World: Lee Krasner, Barbaralee Diamondstein, 1978.