flatbedfactum02 - 1,000 sq ft, mixed media installation (solo exhibition), at Federico Luger, 2012

flatbedfactum02 is the second version of the similar exhibition first installed in New York 2012 at Sue Scott Gallery (see eyesontheedge link for details). The title flatbedfactum02 refers to Robert Rauschenberg's 1956 double paintings Factum 01 and 02. The paintings were compositionally similar but upon closer inspection were remarkably different. One painting resides in New York the other in Los Angeles. Flatbedfactum02 presents this idea of near sameness, but rather than as two paintings, flatbedfactum02 is the second of these two similar solo exhibitions. Flatbedfactum02 contained many of the materials and thoughts explored in eyesontheedge; however, all the elements in flatbedfactum02 were separate versions of the parts and types of parts of the first version of this exhibition (different paintings, different photographic sculptures, different floor library sculptures, different process residue). Even the sound piece 1967 was experienced differently in the two spaces, since the order of the 849 sound files in the piece was determined by a random shuffle.