juddpaintings - 800 sq ft, mixed media installation (solo exhibition), at Steven Zevitas Gallery(Boston, 2014)


PRESS RELEASE: In juddpaintings, Evans presents a new installation comprised of wall painting, collage, paintings, digital prints, tape, process notes, and laminations. The exhibition presents the decomposition of his installation practice to the primary object subject of his practice: Painting. Upon entering the exhibition, the viewer passes through a threshold of a floor to ceiling installation of paint, images and process and into a gallery of walls painted bands of the color spectrum that dissolves to white. Paintings are hung on the walls and move from varying degrees of contextual mediation to an uninterrupted object on a white wall. Juddpaintings alludes to Evans' concurrent installation at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA titled juddrules. For both projects, he uses parts of specific art reviews by Donald Judd to derive "rules" to inject into his environments and paintings. For example, a 1962 review of Morris Louis at Emmerich Gallery is pared down to, "... six equal bands. The yellow medium, yellow deep and red light bands make a progressive group, but the same red light, a green, a brown and another red light make a symmetrical group." Two paintings use this rule as starting points and as limitations that the color relationships establish in the repeated depiction of images. Evans' repetition of images parallels the density of images experienced in contemporary culture. He embraces the unstable ground of fluid refocus, obsession, and repurpose. In juddpaintings Evans' hand rearranges and repurposes: donald judd, 1959, morris louis, 1962, friedl dzubas, josef albers, roberta smith, henri matisse, san francisco, sigmar polke, manhunt, ox-bow, montserrat, ellen alfest, mel bochner, sarah charlesworth, jay defao, pyramid lake, davos, gerhard richter, lewis baltz, romanian blouse, 1975, bathers, david jacobs, paintingassupermodel, juddrules, lemon valley, 1967, stead, nevada, 1977, beverly, boston, martial raysse, trompe l'oeil.

Link to Boston Globe review, Cate McQuaid , November 2014.

Link to Art New England review, Robert Moeller , October 2014.