times2 - 1,800 sq ft, mixed media installation (solo exhibition), at Federeico Luger (Milan, Italy, 2010)


Mixed media installation featuring pairs of works in which each part of the pair offered a consideration of the other. The conceptual possibilities of temporal expansion and contraction were emphasized through the physical and temporal doublings. For example, textmindfloormind was a pair of types of laminated 9” x 11” digital prints adhered to the floor. The laminations contained the rephotographed press releases from Greater New York 2010 (MoMA PS1), timecompressionmachine (photographs were taken after three months of foot traffic and thus worn and torn). This rephotographing of the past extended the temporal, and the lamination of the new pairs alluded to ideas of the archival. One group of laminations included all the the photographs of the press releases with images cut from the press releases. The second group of laminations included all the images that were cut from each press release, printed to a new dimension of 9” x 11”, a significant increase over the original scale of the image. Other pairs in the installation included: 1. a painting of acrylic on canvas with a trompe l’oeil watercolor painted in the center and its pair, a wall painting at the same dimension with a physical watercolor on paper in the center, making a double image; 2. painted tape screens dividing the space and the same quantity of tape rolls unrolled and clustered on the floor; 3. 72” x 72” acrylic on canvas and 14” x 14” watercolor on paper of similar images but different media and scale.